Where and when is The Oasis?

  • The Oasis will be held on April 13 at the Metrotent Convention Center with address South Drive, Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Ave, Pasig, 1604 Metro Manila.

What is The Oasis?

  • A convention by Oasis Gaming, for everything - gaming, tech, and art. The Oasis is a convention that aims to give communities, and enthusiasts a safe and enjoyable space to gather and share their hobbies and interests.

What is Oasis Gaming?

  • Oasis is an organization based in the Philippines involved in competitive esports and content creation.

What time do doors open and when will they close?

  • Doors will open at 12pm and will close at 8pm.

Are there any restrictions for The OASIS?

  • The Oasis is open to all ages. It is advised that minors (9 to 17 years old) must be accompanied by a ticket-bearing parent or guardian.

Will internet be provided at the venue and does the venue have strong data reception?

  • Internet will not be provided during the event. Data reception is strong at the venue however once people pour in and the venue gets filled, we cannot guarantee that there will be good reception.

Will cashless transactions be allowed?

  • It is allowed but we highly encourage event goers to bring cash as well. There are also ATMs located near Metrotent.